What Is SEO Poisoning And Its Consequences On Websites

SEO poisoining

I am noticing the case of SEO poisoning rapidly these days which tend me to spend few more time to explain regarding it. And for this, the post is.

Now, SEO becomes the rave these days. Anybody who owns a website and trying to improve its traffic have surely heard this term. If anyone of you don’t heard about SEO, here is quick definition.

Image Courtesy: https://blog.sucuri.net/2012/11/website-malware-seo-poisoning.html

There are number of organization which enlist to help the websites owners to put there site in first of search engine page ranking. If it is possible that your website rank high from particular phrase, specific term then you can generate good revenue. Its sound pretty awesome!!!

Unfortunately, you are not the one who knows all those facts which turn a website high rank. Few of us uses those technique which are not recommended by the Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engine. Such technique are known as SEO poisoning (Discussed bellow).

Few Technique Used By SEO Attackers

Element of Trust
Tons of traffic – lots of potential victims
Use of huge clutter
Built in vulnerability / hackability
Put users in Explorer mode

By using such technique withing legitimate sites, attackers can easy piggyback the reputation of respective site which make harder for search engine to detect and eliminate such link.

SEO poisoning is a term to explain the unlawful activity performed by the cyber criminals to rank there websites high in search engine result page, also known as a Search Poisoning. For this cybercriminals creates malicious websites and uses black hate SEO tactics with the aim to comes up in SERP. Such sites are related with those terms which are searched by number of people all the time such as news items, phrases related to holiday, viral video and other. As per Websense Security Labs, the first quarter of SERP trending topic are linked to malicious sites.

List Of Few Malicious Sites are as follows:

  1. http://www.archivosgratis.com
  2. complain.infoportalonline.info/pg/n/75/
  3. http://dolphin-ua.clan.su
  4. http://anesthai.org
  5. http://www.buenaeconomia.com
  6. spooky.arrasection13402.us/rp/P/4979/

There are tons of websites which are considered as a malicious from different aspects. Usually attackers creates websites with popular or trending topic name and description. Such sites may have relevant content or there content stolen from legit websites. There main is to infect visitors with malware, or to access sensitive information for identity theft. The malware also coop visitor PC for botnet or insert Trojan horse to steal information like User ID, Password (Login Detail). Another ploy is to fill screen with thousand of ads which involve in payment transaction.

Reference link: http://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/search-poisoning

To protect websites from search engine poisoning attack, security researchers recommends to keep anti-virus program and browser updated, avoid attempting suspicious link, never ever provide personal information online still you are not confirm that site is legit and transaction done securely. To protect websites from attackers and malware Click Here: : http://www.afinstallermalware.com/

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