Use Of Outlook In Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns And Outlook

Email campaigns is one of the SEO strategies being used by the number of Search Engine Optimizer or Digital Marketer now a day. In a short time this strategies has accepted rapidly by the SEOs and people involve in digital marketing target specific market, people over the globe at once. There are lots of ways to create e-mail marketing. Currently people are also using the Outlook for this purpose. As we know Outlook is available in different version such as Outlook 97, 98, 2000, XP/2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. Few of its version have great feature called Business Contact Manager. This feature provide option to state Account, Business Contacts, Leads, Activities, Business projects, Opportunities and Marketing Campaigns. By using one of the 50 report you can filter data, define business goals and organize and track business activities. But it has some limitation too which are discussed below:

Few Limitation Of Outlook In Email Campaigns

1. Limited Sending Capabilities: The restrict its user to send upto 300 message a day and 50 recipient per message but this restriction have removed from professional edition.
2. No Results To Analyze: Reviewing the result of campaign is very much important as it determine the success. Details like Open, clicks ad social engagement provide valuable data for active marketer.
3. Unresponsive to Mobile Devices: Mobile friendly e-mails campaign is very important in which outlook fails to do so.
4. No Email A/B Testing: The outlook don’t have most useful tool of the e-mail campaign called A/B Testing.

outlook in Email campaigns

A part from all these problems Outlook has one major problem that is corruption of PST files. The user of outlook, usually interact with PST corruption issues. The PST files usually get corrupt because of following reasons:
  1. Over Sized Of PST
  2. Improper Termination Of Outlook
  3. Abrupt Shutdown Of PC
  4. Software Upgrade
  5. Hardware Failure
  6. Virus Attack
There are lots more reason by which your PC files get corrupt. Corruption of PST file is not good as it store data (mail, calender, note etc) related with outlook. User may not able to perform single activity related with outlook. So, be careful while working with outlook and executing your e-mail campaign. If your PST files got corrupted due to any of the above mentioned reasons then you will need to recover PST files.

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