Linkfarming Is Being Used To Spread TrojanDownloader: MSIL/Trurard.A

These days spammers are using one of the black hat SEO technique called linkfarming to spread TrojanDownloader: MSIL/Trurard.A in less secure PC to turn them weird responding. Before discussing one this topic I like to uncover about the linkfarming or link farm and TrojanDownloader: MSIL/Trurard.A.

What is LinkFarming or Link Farm?

There are lots of Black Hat SEO techniques which are now a day is being used by the spammers to perform their unlawful activity. Some of the Black Hat SEO techniques are Spam comment, Duplicate content, Paid Link, Cloaking, Article Spinning, Doorway Page, Invisible Text, Keyword Stuffing, link farming and some more. It is being discovered by the number or security expert that spammers are using linkfarming strategies to spread the threat. It’s a reciprocal process to link a website with another site. And the process continues in a large number consider as link farming. Google has considered this tactic as a spam and thus lower the ranking of the site which uses it. This process can be performed by an individual or by using automated system. You can better understand by this tactic from the following image.


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What is TrojanDownloader: MSIL/Trurard.A and Why Spammers spreading it?

TrojanDownloader: MSIL/Trurard.A a severe threat and was firstly published by Microsoft on dated 18th April 2016. The researcher has placed it under Trojan category of threat. This one is associated with another Trojan called Kryptik. TrojanDownloader: MSIL/Trurard.A mainly works as a Trojan downloader and allow the author to deploy harmful program like Nimisi and Spyeye. Some obfuscated bundle of software also gets download in its presence from remote server. With this prevent anti-virus program being detecting what are being deployed in PC. This deadly threat is now available in different version.

A question asked by a user from Colombia.

Mi sistema se infecta por TrojanDownloader: MSIL/Trurard.A después de hacer clic en un hipervínculo. Ahora mi programa antivirus Preguntar acerca de la eliminación de esta amenaza, pero no puede eliminar. He intentado algunos métodos disponibles desde la web, pero ninguno de ellos funcionó. Lo que tengo que hacer ahora para deshacerse de esta amenaza por completo?

To answer this question I have published this post. For solution I recommend to Click Here…

You can notice an unknown .exe file in your TEMP folder like 79125.exe and other. A common anti-malware program cannot detect remove it because of its code injection nature. Usually it injects code into svchost.exe of the host process to conceal harmful activity and being detected easily.

Now you can better understand why spammers are using linkfarming tactic to spread this threat. So, be aware against such that and avoid using those websites which are being used in linkfarming or link farm.


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